Rights and Permissions


As a nonprofit publisher, 2Leaf Press remains committed to publishing multicultural writers, often putting our mission ahead of financial gain. In a few short years, we have demonstrated our ongoing commitment to publishing books, poetry in particular. It is unfortunate that poetry volumes rarely earn back its publication costs, so the press must support the considerable costs of poetry through avenues such as grants, gifts, and–in a small way–permissions fees. These fees, which charge a third party to reproduce our books (either chapters or poems) in another work are nominal, but are nonetheless a factor in recouping some of the publication costs and providing some compensation to the writer for his/her creative effort.

We ask that you submit all rights and permission requests via e-mail, indicating what rights you seek and any other details of your publishing plan to the attention of Gabrielle David, Publisher: gdavid [at] 2leafpress [dot] org.

Review Copies
Books are available for review by libraries, bookstores, publications, websites, blogs, or broadcasters. Inquire for digital and print copies.

Permission to Reproduce Excerpts
2Leaf Press grants permission freely for excerpts 250 words or less, as long as it is accompanied with a full citation of the original source in magazines, newspapers, or websites or blogs. If you plan to use an excerpt under these conditions, we’d appreciate your letting us know. If you would like to use excerpts over 250 words, you will need permission from 2Leaf Press. When you make your request, please be sure to include a precise description of the materials you would like to use, when and where you would like to use them, and a brief description of your publication or website.

Licensing & Foreign Rights
If you are seeking permission to reprint material from one of our books in another book or a non-media website, or would like permission for foreign/translation rights, merchandising rights, book, film, television, or dramatic adaptations, please contact 2Leaf Press to make those arrangements.

Academic Course Readers
If you are seeking permission to use material from one of our books in an academic course reader, photocopied handout, pamphlet, flyer, or other free photocopied material, please submit your request to 2Leaf Press for copyright clearance. We wish to accommodate duplication requests and are using the minimal fee established by the Copyright Clearance Center to help us recover our sizable investment and meeting the ongoing costs of doing business.

Depending on the circumstances, we will waive or reduce fees for the disabled, for nonprofit organizations, and in other special circumstances in which the book will not be sold, however, we will not waive fees for for-profit companies. To do so diminishes respect for the value of the author’s work and deprives the press and the author of potential income. We do not, therefore, waive fees in such instances.

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