The Fourth Moment


Journeys from the Known to the Unknown
A Memoir by Carole J. Garrison
Introduction by Sarah Willis
NOV. 2017 | ISBN: 978-1-940939-64-3 (eBook)
LCCN: 2017932348




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THE FOURTH MOMENT, JOURNEYS FROM THE KNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN is a memoir by Carole J. Garrison. A child of humble beginnings, Garrison paved the way for herself to accomplish great things, but for her, the journey was far from your typical “rags to riches” tale. Through a series of tragedies and triumphs, blunders and epiphanies, Garrison’s life has been filled with a number of unusual detours from being a suburban housewife in Miami, to becoming a single mom and police officer in Atlanta, to returning to school to become a seasoned ethics and women studies professor in Ohio and Kentucky, to working in Cambodia as it emerged from decades of civil strife, all the while growing into the passionate humanitarian she is today.

THE FOURTH MOMENT is a remarkable series of recollections from a woman whose experiences cover an extraordinary range of places, people, and interests. Eschewing the formulaic conventions of autobiography, THE FOURTH MOMENT consists of short stories—vignettes—that move back and forth across time and space to describe in vivid detail events and observations from a fascinating life. The stories reflect the acute perceptions of a woman for whom every day is a new adventure and a fresh opportunity to learn. In THE FOURTH MOMENT, Garrison reveals truths not always within everyday reach, but certainly within everyday aspirations, something that readers will be able to connect to. Cover Photo: Marilyn Howard.

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CAROLE J. GARRISON is a former police officer, professor, activist and passionate humanitarian. After a stint as a suburban housewife in Miami, she joined the Atlanta Bureau of Police Services in the early 1970s as one of a handful of women police officers, but shifted to education after receiving her PhD from Ohio State University. During her career as an educator, she helped launch the University of Akron’s Women’s Studies program, was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, served as vice president of Ohio’s first women’s commission, was appointed by the U.S. president to the Department of Defense Committee on the Status of Women in the Military, and volunteered with the UN to help supervise Cambodia’s first democratic election. In 1993, Garrison returned to Akron to teach; but three years later returned to Cambodia, and served as executive director of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, a network of humanitarian and developmental non-governmental organizations (NGO). She has published in a number of publications, including VietNow Nation Magazine, The Sacrifice: What Would You Give? An Anthology of Inspirational Essays (2014), WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA? Breaking the White Code of Silence, A Collection of Personal Narratives (2016), and placed in the WOW! Women On Writing, Winter 2016 Flash Fiction contest, The Wait. Today, Garrison resides in Ona, West Virginia. Although retired as chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Police Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, she continues to teach applied ethics and policing courses online. When not teaching or writing, she serves as an executive board member of the Friends of WV Public Broadcasting, Chair of the Board of Unlimited Future, a local Huntington business incubator, a docent at the Huntington Museum of Art, and is a member of the Huntington Women’s Leadership Caucus. She is also a reader for the fourth grade at the Altizer Elementary School, and a Girls on The Run volunteer at Nichols Elementary School. VISIT THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE AT WWW.CJGARRISON.COM


SARAH WILLIS has published the novels Some Things That Stay (2000), a New York Times Notable Book of the Year that was made into a movie in 2004; The Rehearsal (2001), A Good Distance (2004), and The Sound of Us (2005). Her short stories have been published in Book Magazine, Confrontation, Crescent Review (nominated for a Pushcart Prize), Tampa Review, Vincent Brothers Review, Rockford Review, Whiskey Island Review, Riverwind, No Roses Review, Artful Dodge, The Missouri Review, and the anthology, Our Mothers, Our Selves (2015).

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What People Are Saying

“Carole Garrison’s stories are filled with sensory stimulation, colors, sounds, sights and aromas that sweep us across nations, through the sometimes tragic tales of friendships and romance, always infused with heartfelt warmth and longing. These are encounters and adventures that communicate the realities of foreign places where we meet and recognize and know these diverse human characters and through the author’s voice, hear their unique as well as universal songs.”

—Deborah DeNicola, author of The Future That Brought Her Here

The Fourth Moment: Journeys from the Known to the Unknown, is in equal parts a woman’s travel adventure and a mother’s love letter to her child.
With crisp prose and richly textured writing, Carol Garrison sheds light on Cambodia’s dark history and also its beautiful culture, sharing with us the stories of what it means to be a mother, a daughter, and a family in our increasingly global world.”

—Loung Ung, author of First They Killed My Father

“’Roaches’ in Carole Garrison’s hands, turns a base repugnancy into eloquent compassion. She somehow manages to weave a perfect description of their hardiness with today’s political climate, and it all results in a resounding ‘yeah!’ in our minds at the end. This is a rare and true voice of an outsider looking in, and becoming comfortable, yet never forgetting that in our world, we are all, somehow, strangers in a strange land.”

—Barbra Nightingale, Broward College Professor Emeritus,
Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Emeritus, author of nine books of poetry,
the most recent, Alphalexia (2017)


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