Incessant Beauty

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A Bilingual Anthology
by Ana Rossetti
Edited and Translated by Carmela Ferradáns
SEPT. 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-1-940939-22-3 (ebook)
LCCN: 2013954042



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INCESSANT BEAUTY is a feast for the senses and the mind. Ana Rossetti (from Cádiz, Spain), who began her literary career in the late seventies soon after dictator Francisco Franco’s death in 1975, is an award winning poet and writer. She became prominent among the many women poets who used the lifting of censorship to produce a fresh, often daring, body of poetry. INCESSANT BEAUTY offers to an English-speaking audience a first glimpse into Rossetti’s eclectic and voracious symbolic universe. Editor and translator Carmela Ferradáns has selected poems that offer a wide range of themes and poetic registers that span more than thirty years. Presented in chronological order, they vary from the playful, often cheeky, early poems for which she is well-known, to the more brooding meditations on transcendental human qualities, to the latest festive celebrations of the poetic word itself. In INCESSANT BEAUTY, Rossetti maps out displacement and exile in the fringes of the heart, bringing solidarity with one another to the core of our shared humanity. Cover art: Spencer Sauter.

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ANA ROSSETTI is an award-winning Spanish poet from Cádiz, Spain, known in some circles as the “Madonna of Spanish Letters.” Besides poetry, Rossetti has dabbled in most genres including fiction, essay, drama, children’s literature and opera; has collaborated with visual artists, popular singers and fashion designers; and has been generally defined as a transformative figure in 20th and 21st century Spanish culture. Her most well-known poetry collections include Los devaneos de Erato (Premio Gules, 1980), Indicios vehementes (1985), Yesterday (1988), and Punto Umbrío (1996). In INCESSANT BEAUTY, editor and translator Carmela Ferradáns provides a wide range of selected works that capture the essence of Rossetti’s poetry.



CARMELA FERRADÁNS is a professor of Hispanic Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University, specializing in contemporary Spanish poetry with a strong interest in critical theory and cultural studies. In addition to language courses, Ferradáns teaches Modern and Contemporary Spanish cultural history and literature. She has given numerous presentations in the US and in Spain and has published papers on the poets Ana Rossetti, Fanny Rubio and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán among others. Her true passion is discovering how high and low art forms relate to each other.


SPENCER SAUTER has numerous solo and group exhibitions. He recently had a solo shows at Timothy Kent Gallery, the Advocate Bromenn Regional Healthcare Center, and in the Wakeley Gallery at Illinois Wesleyan University Ames School of Art. He shows work in the biennial faculty exhibition in the Merwin Gallery at Illinois Wesleyan, and has had numerous commissions and has works in collections throughout the United States and in international collections. Sauter has degrees in visual art and English from Illinois Wesleyan University, and a graduate degree in art (painting) form Illinois State University. He is currently an adjunct assistant professor of art at Illinois Wesleyan University.

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What People Are Saying

“Ana Rossetti’s poem “La percepción” claims that perception “lo traduce,” i.e. that we perceive the world buy putting it in our own words. Thus, Rossetti herself invites this marvelous new bilingual edition of her work by Carmela Ferradáns. The English-language versions of these poems celebrate paradox; they are erotic and erudite, earthy and ethereal, full of allusions, but pleasurably elusive, deeply referential, but thrillingly irreverent. Ferradáns has crafted an unrepentant, unconfessional poetics in which narratives obscure as much as they reveal about a speaker whose very identity is in flux. In so doing, Ferradáns has given Anglophone readers a gift whose beauty is, indeed, relentless and incessant. And we are very grateful.”

— Virginia Bell, Ph.D.
Senior Editor, RHINO Poetry
Adjunct Professor of English, Loyola University Chicago

“La antología bilingüe de la obra poética de Ana Rossetti que nos presenta Carmela Ferradáns viene a subsanar una falta importante y una colosal paradoja, aquella de la intensa atención crítica a la gran autora española, en particular por investigadores afiliados a EEUU, y la ausencia de textos traducidos al inglés de la celebrada poeta. Incessant beauty subsana esta carencia de una forma atrevida y equilibrada, al modo en que la propia Rossetti apunta y que es cifra de su obra: la función poliédrica del arte, oficio e inspiración a partes iguales, artificio y talento en el sabio recorrido de un banquete poético. Imprescindible.”

“The bilingual anthology of the poetic work of Ana Rossetti that Carmela Ferradáns presents here, comes to fill a great void and a colossal paradox; that of the great critical attention to the Spanish author, in particular from the US critics, and the absence of English translations of this celebrated poet. Incessant Beauty fills this void in a daring and well-balanced manner, in the same direction that Rossetti’s own work takes us: the polyhedral function of art, craft and inspiration at equal parts, artifice and talent together in the intelligent journey of a poetic feast. Essential.”

— Tina Escaja
Artist and Professor of Spanish at the University of Vermont

“At last English-speaking readers can indulge in Ana Rossetti’s enticing poetic banquet, deliciously daring to somberly meditative. The eclectic textual fabric— eroticism, mysticism, hedonism, Christian and pagan mythology, and billboard ads—has irresistible brilliance. A poetics of plasticity and performance snares the senses. Run your fingers over soft green velvet; whiff the sea foam of language, pick into the cabaret. Rossetti turns gender inside out and upside down creating somber musings on solitude, time and the poetic word emerge. This long overdue translation by Carmela Ferradáns is most welcome.”

— Sharon Keefe Ugalde, Ana Rossetti scholar
University Distinguished Professor of Spanish at Texas State University, San Marcos