We’re expanding our catalog by
reissuing important out-of-print books

Although hundreds of new books are published in the U.S. every year, there are many more previously published books no longer in print. While many have fallen into obscurity for good reason, there are many literary gems that are worth bringing back into print . We’re working diligently to build a meaningful catalog of out-of-print and public domain books under our 2LP CLASSICS series.

Public domain books are being carefully selected and reissued with newly written material by leading authorities on subjects relevant to our mission, and we’re working to acquire out-of-print books that have become classics in their own right to be reissued under 2LP CLASSICS.

Our team is committed to bringing these books up-to-date by distinguishing them from other editions, whether current or dated, which includes adding customized information like a new introduction or an afterword or annotated bibliography of related works, in response to new scholarship and criticism that will bring the work back to a critical place in contemporary writing and thought. Our goal is to publish and vigorously promote 2LP CLASSICS to libraries, schools, colleges and universities, teachers and professors who are hungry for these literary gems to become available once again.

So if you’re a copyright holder interested in publishing a previously published work, or have an idea about reissuing a book from the public domain, feel free to contact us at 2lpseries [AT] 2leafpress [DOT] org.

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