Last Call for WHITE IN AMERICA Anthology


DEADLINE: December 1, 2015

Well, it’s November and very soon we will be closing out the open call submission to WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA. It’s been an amazing journey in itself. Really. And not for the reasons you may think.

First of all, the question is really a difficult one to answer, particularly in a first-person narrative, so we commend all of the people who submitted work for our review. While some of the submissions didn’t quite answer the question, or side-stepped our requirements with fiction stories or poetry, these brave people openly acknowledged that there is a race problem in America by putting themselves on the line and sharing their true feelings, which is what our anthology is all about. This selfless act is proof that there are a lot of people out there willing to take a step towards reducing, and hopefully one day eliminating racism and cultural bias.

We want to also add that while the anthology itself appears to have an air of “academia,” we remain particularly interested in hearing from the heartland of America — “regular” folks — who have distinct ideas of WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA. We’re not looking for carefully written narratives that reek of “political correctness,” and as long as the work is not hateful or divisive and reasonably well-written, we remain open to all points-of-view.


As we approach our December 1, 2015 deadline, we encourage folks to carefully review our submission guidelines and update, and look forward to reviewing some of the very well-thought out submissions we’ve been receiving as of late. Good luck to you all, and thanks for your participation.

Gabrielle David
Sean Frederick Forbes, Ph.D

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