Tony Medina Publishes Broke Baroque, Available in Print and Kindle

Tony Medina publishes his long-awaited book, Broke Baroque, the third in a series of “Broke” books. With razor-sharp scatological whimsy, Medina’s iconic ironic existential every man — Broke — bears witness to the plight of homelessness form his curbside porch, torching the capitalist system and its myriad societal contradictions. Medina has the distinction of being the first 2Leaf Press author to simultaneously publish a print and Kindle edition.

Broke Baroque is compulsively readable and will connect with fiction and poetry lovers alike. It includes a powerful by MacArthur-winner Ishmael Reed and a cover design by Miriam Ahmed that features a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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BROKE BAROQUE Print Edition || BROKE BAROQUE Kindle Edition