Why 2Leaf Press?

People have always been fascinated by leaves. For us, two things come to mind:

First, imagine the changing of the leaves.

In autumn, as native trees and shrubs finish out the growing season, nature puts on its most brilliant display of fall colors. Most people believe that when leaves turn colors they are on the brink of death, but that is not entirely true. The changing of the leaves is an active process, not just a fading away. Only when the leaves are deprived of all sunlight do they actually die.

It’s the change we see that trees undergo in autumn –- a natural occurrence that is both complex and inherently more interesting than it seems at first glance – that captivates people. As the fiery colors of yellow, orange, red, and purple gently float to the ground, the changing of leaves is both striking and soothing, and when it is over, we know that every year we have the opportunity to witness this truly dynamic process. In one sense, it is an unending process and part of our life cycle.

Now let’s “turn over a new leaf” and imagine the “leaves” we turn in a book.

It’s true. The pages of a book are called leaves, and small sheets with writing are called “leaflets” because more than a millennium ago, documents were written on leaves. The leaves were then strung and bound together to form a book. “Turning over a new leaf” is one of many evocative metaphors for the human psyche and its workings that show how deeply books have shaped our sense of who we are.

That coupled with the colors of autumn, just like the colors that represent the human race (or is it the human race that represents the colors?), appropriately fits with, “turning over a new leaf.”

So why did we name our imprint 2Leaf Press? And what is the true meaning behind the name?

Let’s just leave that to our imaginations.