2Leaf Tip: The Art of the Book — How to handle your Artwork

If you would like to include photographs, line drawings, maps, charts, or other illustrations in your book once your book has been accepted for publication, it’s particularly important that you to submit the highest quality work.

First, it’s important that we get permission from the artist, which is the author’s responsibility.

Secondly, we only accept digital artwork of the highest quality. What you see on your computer screen can be misleading and, in many cases, digital files obtained by authors have proven to be unusable in making a book. For example, images from the web are almost always too low a resolution for book reproduction, and images scanned from a book—while they may look fine on your screen or in a photocopy—will often be distorted or jagged when printed.

When you send us electronic files, it’s critical that the files be of a high enough resolution and an appropriate size for good reproduction. For example, images that are smaller than 5 x 7 should be 600 dpi, while images 5 x 7 and higher must be 300 dpi preferably in a Photoshop PSD format. Although photos and artwork that run inside the book will more than likely be in black and white, we require the original color image so that we can convert them into black and white using standard profiles, so as to minimize the loss in tonality.

Hi-resolution files make for superb reproduction, and should be your first priority when you obtain permission to use the work because in turn it allows us to publish a high quality book.

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