Stephanie A. Agosto

STEPHANIE A. AGOSTO is the IAAS board liaison for 2Leaf Press.  She has been a board member of the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS) since 2004, and is responsible for overseeing the operations of 2Leaf Press. A poet and spoken word artist, Agosto’s work has published in the US as well as abroad in poetry compilations, anthologies, art books and periodicals. She is the former producer and host of “Universal Beats,” a weekly television series on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), which featured interviews of community leaders, poets and spoken word artists. She produced a 12-week poetry series at Alexis Café in New York City.

Agosto has performed at numerous venues, including Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, Hope Community Garden, Boricua College, Gathering of the Tribes, The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, Café Largo, Alexis Café, Aaron Davis Hall, Brooklyn Moon Café, Wordquestra, Sista’s Place, and Teachers and Writers Collaborative, and Center for Imaginative Writing at New Paltz University. She appeared on phatLiterature, a Literary TV Program aired on QPTV and co-wrote with Michael Bynum, “phatLiterature’s theme song,” which she produced and performed.

She has donated her time to a number of organizations, including Gathering of the Tribes, Wordquestra (Poets Choral), Shawangunk Correctional Facility, Caribbean Unity Org, Latinos en Progresso Org, and Saint Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction Program, Hispanic Health Initiative, and Hogar Crea, a rehab treatment center. Agosto worked in the health field for a number of years in New York, notably for Dr. Louis Parrish, who ran one of the city’s first HIV/AIDS practice. Stephanie received her AA from Queensborough Community College, attended Hunter College and Film & Video Arts in New York City to study Film Production. She relocated to Central Florida in 2004, and is a licensed realtor and business woman.

Agosto was instrumental in helping to finalize and distribute phati’tude Literary TV Show to public access and college television stations across the country, and currently oversees 2Leaf Press’ business operations.

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Gonzales’s poems speak assertively, and the poet’s use of complex periodic sentences lends his lines accumulating power. My translation closely follows the poet’s syntax, and I hope that recreates the drive of the poems.

Lynn Levin

The Black Arts Movement made it clear that you’re not just writing for yourself, but for the masses. Poetry today is more about “me” as opposed to “we.” It’s more or less an ego exercise and much of it wallows heavily in the pathos of our lives.

Abiodun Oyewole

My primary goal with this novel was to pay my respects to William Faulkner’s classic The Wild Palms. Retelling Faulkner’s tale with Latino characters seems like a natural stage of literary evolution, one that mirrors the evolving literary relationship between our twin continents.

Ezra Fitz

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