What Does it Mean to be White in America?
Breaking the White Code of Silence, A Collection of Personal Narratives
Edited by Gabrielle David and Sean Frederick Forbes

Gabrielle David

GABRIELLE DAVID is the publisher of 2Leaf Press. David is a multidisciplinary artist who is a musician, photographer, digital designer (epub, print and web), poet and writer. She attended LaGuardia Community College (CUNY) and New School University. For twenty-four years, she worked as a desktop publisher and word processing specialist at Fortune 500 firms, and through her former company, Chimeara Communications, Inc., designed promotional materials for a wide range of clients. She managed and performed in bands during the 1970s and early 1980s; and was a partner of hotshots unlimited photography (1982-1986). Gabrielle became involved in the New York poetry scene during the 1990s and served as literature coordinator at the Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center in Queens throughout most of that decade.

Her work with the library prompted the creation of phati’tude Literary Magazine, which eventually became a programming incentive under the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS), a NY-based nonprofit organization which she founded in 2000 and has served as executive director since its inception. Other program initiatives include phatLiterature, A Literary TV Program, and 2Leaf Press, of which she currently serves as publisher. David has participated in panel discussions and workshops, published articles and essays in numerous publications, and is the editor of Branches of the Tree of Life, (2014), and co-editor of ¡Hey Yo! Yo Soy, 40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry (2012). She is the author of the chapbooks, Spring Has Returned and I Am Renewed (1996), and This is Me: A Collection of Poems and Things (1994). Her collection of essays, Beyond Identity: Exploring Multicultural Literature in the 21st Century, is forthcoming. www.gabrielledavid.net.

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