Carolina Fung Feng

CAROLINA FUNG FENG specializes in Spanish translations, and is a copy editor well-versed in The Chicago Manual of Style, having copy edited many of 2Leaf Press’ titles. She graduated in 2013 from Hunter College (CUNY) with a BA in Spanish-English translation and interpretation, and English Language Arts. She also holds Cambridge CELTA certification, and is passionate about teaching and empowering the community through education. She was born and raised in Costa Rica to Chinese parents, and has been living in New York City since her early teens. She grew up speaking Spanish and Cantonese Chinese before she learned English, and has been studying Japanese and Mandarin since her college years. Her interest in linguistics led her to the study of translation, with a particular emphasis on legal translation. ¡Hey Yo! ¡Yo Soy! 40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry. (2Leaf Press, 2012) was her first literary translation. Fung Feng currently teaches ESL to adult immigrants.

Spring and Fall 2017 Book Releases

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2LP Conversations

Gonzales’s poems speak assertively, and the poet’s use of complex periodic sentences lends his lines accumulating power. My translation closely follows the poet’s syntax, and I hope that recreates the drive of the poems.

Lynn Levin

The Black Arts Movement made it clear that you’re not just writing for yourself, but for the masses. Poetry today is more about “me” as opposed to “we.” It’s more or less an ego exercise and much of it wallows heavily in the pathos of our lives.

Abiodun Oyewole

My primary goal with this novel was to pay my respects to William Faulkner’s classic The Wild Palms. Retelling Faulkner’s tale with Latino characters seems like a natural stage of literary evolution, one that mirrors the evolving literary relationship between our twin continents.

Ezra Fitz

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