Incessant Beauty
A Bilingual Anthology by Ana Rossetti
Edited and Translated by Carmela Ferradáns

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Carmela Ferradáns

CARMELA FERRADÁNS is a professor of Hispanic Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University, specializing in contemporary Spanish poetry with a strong interest in critical theory and cultural studies. In addition to language courses, Ferradáns teaches Modern and Contemporary Spanish cultural history and literature. She has given numerous presentations in the US and in Spain and has published papers on the poets Ana Rossetti, Fanny Rubio and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán among others. Her true passion is discovering how high and low art forms relate to each other.

Ferradáns is also a poet in her own right. In 2006 she published a poetry chapbook, My Right Breast and Other Poems, with eight poems engaging directly with the aftermath of breast cancer and radiation. Her true passion is figuring out how different forms of high and low art talk to each other.