Incessant Beauty
A Bilingual Anthology by Ana Rossetti
Edited and Translated by Carmela Ferradáns

Ana Rossetti

ANA ROSSETTI is a Spanish poet from Cádiz, who has been prominent on the Spanish literary scene for over 32 years. Since her remarkable voice burst on the Spanish cultural scene during the 1980s as a stage performer, she has become known in some circles as the “Madonna of Spanish Letters.” Besides poetry, Rossetti has dabbled in most genres including fiction, essay, drama, children’s literature and opera; and has collaborated with visual artists, popular singers and fashion designers. Her most well-known poetry collections include Los devaneos de Erato (Premio Gules, 1980), Indicios vehementes (1985), Yesterdays (1988), and Punto Umbrío (1996). For her book Devocionario, Rossetti received The III International Poetry Prize, Rey Juan Carlos I.

In Spain, Rossetti has won significant prizes, and in the United States her work has attracted attention from a long list of accomplished scholars. Some 25 substantial articles on her work appeared in U.S. scholarly journals during the 1990s alone. Rossetti also figures prominently in books on Spanish women poets in particular and on contemporary Spanish poetry in general, and has been generally defined as a transformative figure in the history of 20th and 21st century Spanish culture.

A retrospective examination of Rossetti’s poetry over the last three decades reveals continued inventiveness and creativity. A picture emerges of two different phases in Rossetti’s work — the early stage when aesthetics and eroticism predominate, and the later stage when self-realization, introspection, and generativity assume a larger role. In Incessant Beauty, editor and translator Carmela Ferradáns provides a wide range of selected works that capture the essence of Rossetti’s poetry.

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