Presenting cross-cultural literary
works through translation

Language is the only social institution without which no other social institution can function; it therefore underpins the three pillars upon which culture is built. Translation, involving the transposition of thoughts expressed in one language by one social group into the appropriate expression of another group, entails a process of cultural de-coding, re-coding and en-coding. This is especially true with literary translations. As cultures are increasingly brought into greater contact with one another, multicultural considerations are brought to bear to an ever-increasing degree. This, of course, is part of our organization’s mandate, to promote multicultural literature and literacy.

Working with highly competent literary translators, 2LP TRANSLATIONS is interested in translating historical works, as well as popular contemporary literature, in translation. We’re joining the ranks of our fellow indie and nonprofit publishers by breaking the traditional American aversion to literature in translation commonly known as “the 3 percent problem” by becoming committed to publishing translated works. Our goal is to open doors from one culture to another, one book at a time. Questions? Have an idea to pitch? Feel free to contact us at 2lpseries [AT] 2leafpress [DOT] org.

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