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2LP EXPLORATIONS IN DIVERSITY is a series that examines the past, present and future of diversity and inclusivity in America. It’s a series that presents a myriad of perspectives that have either been elided or not delved into about American society and culture. It’s a series that showcases personal narratives and literature that engage in honest and meaningful conversations. It’s a series that disrupts the status quo; that breaks long-held codes of silence; and poses uncomfortable questions that often don’t have clear-cut answers or solutions. It’s a series that explores how diverse opinions can shape ongoing conversations. It’s a series that investigates such topics as freedom of speech and thought, religious pluralism, anti-racism, feminism, police and prisons, and democracy studies. It’s a series that reaches readers from all walks of life because it’s not academic in nature and theory, and is accessible to all. We believe there is a high demand for books outside academia to present a simpler and conversational tone in both structure and style that introduces new concepts and ideas for a non-academic audience that can be also used within academia as well.

2LP EXPLORATIONS IN DIVERSITY’s purpose is twofold: to feature critical thinking across politics and the social sciences from new and established scholars and authors that explore a wide range of topics; and to publish books in the form of creative non-fiction, including memoir, life-writing, literary reportage and essays that introduce fresh new perspectives to readers. We want to make a difference in the world.

2Leaf Press’ first volume under the 2LP EXPLORATIONS IN DIVERSITY series is WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA: BREAKING THE WHITE CODE OF SILENCE, A COLLECTION OF PERSONAL NARRATIVES, published April 2016. Our next volume is WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE MUSLIM IN AMERICA, and THE BEIGING OF AMERICA, due for publication in 2017. For more information, contact series editor: Dr. Sean Frederick Forbes, 2lp-explore [AT] 2leafpress [DOT] org.

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