National Conversations with Fresh and
Impactful Approaches That Can Make a Difference

2Leaf Press’s latest series, 2LP CURRENT AFFAIRS, CULTURE & POLITICS, was created to investigate issues within a broad geopolitical and intellectual landscape that immediately examines a wide range of topics in current affairs, politics, history, education, civil liberties, culture and counterculture, race, and human rights issues as they develop. The purpose of the series is to build informed opinions, utilize critical thinking skills, to spark engaging and meaningful discussions. 2LP CURRENT AFFAIRS, CULTURE & POLITICS will pursue—and bring into conversation with each other—books that use the lenses of justice, power, and politics to help the general public better understand the contemporary challenges and choices we face in our global community. The editors plan to include works by both junior and more seasoned scholars and writers that will find common ground not only in their content but also by broadening the way we think about these issues. 2LP CURRENT AFFAIRS, CULTURE & POLITICS titles are commissioned by 2Leaf Press editors. For more information, contact us at editor [AT] 2leafpress [DOT] org.

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